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Production of magnesia cement and magnesia-based products

Project's cost
720 K RUR
Investment requirement
677 K RUR
Implementation period
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Production of magnesia cement and magnesia-based products
Project type
investment project
Production of magnesia cement and products based on it, the production of micro calcite and building mixtures based on it, the production of decorative crushed marble and sand, the production of marble blocks. The operation of the plant will provide employment. Highly qualified specialists - graduates of the academies of the Kemerovo region will be in demand. Combine products (magnesia cement M 500, dry construction mixtures for various purposes, arbolitovy blocks, fibrolite and xylolitic blocks, artificial marble, etc.) with higher quality and lower price than using imported Portland cement, will be in demand not only for industry and civil construction of the Kemerovo region, but also its closest neighbors — the Novosibirsk region and the Altai Territory, including in rural construction.
Project proponent
LLC "Siberian marble"
Kemerovo region, Mezhdurechensk, quarter 26, st. Usinskaya, 28
Branch of economic
Processing industry
Combine products: magnesia cement, dry building mixtures for various purposes, magnesium fertilizers for agricultural, microcalcite, marble chips, marble blocks, etc.
Kemerovo Region, Novosibirsk Region, Altai Territory, China.
Design capacity
magnesia cement - 38.0 thousand tons / year; wood products 50.2 thousand m3 / year; dry builds a mixture of 5.0 thousand tons / year; magnesium fertilizers 0.85 thousand tons / year; microcalcite 20 thousand tons / year; marble crumb 200 thousand tons / year; marble blocks 3,5 thousand m3 / year
Reaching the design capacity (years)
Infrastructure provision
Internet, cellular network
Project's degree of elaboration
Business plan
Implementation stage
Total cost
720 000 ₽
The need for investment
677 000 ₽
Own funds
Implementation period
Payback time
State support presence
Additional materials

Current stage of implementation: a quarry for the extraction of marble has been prepared, mining and geological documentation has been prepared, a railway access road has been prepared.

Contact information
Contacts (name)
Person small 0 43fc6d3537
Zyryanov Lev Albertovich, Serzhantov Vyacheslav Georgievich
Contacts (address)
652870, Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo region, Communist Ave 13-35
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